Brain Age Test

Have you ever thought about how your brain works? Have you tried to develop it or get to know your brain age?

Brain Age Test Free application is created to help you to identify if your brain works like the one belonging to 20-years old youth or 80-years old man. Take into consideration that getting results of the mental age of 14-year old is not an insult, it’s a great compliment!

   Brain Age Test lets you test your brain age and deduce quite accurate mathematical results in years, months and days in an easy and playful way. In addition this program develops short-term and visual memory. If you spare the time you are wasting every day for playing Angry birds or Temple run for this game, in a few days you will see the first results. Just several hours of playing it every day will enable you to memorize much more information at once.

   The mechanism of the game is very simple. For a few seconds the player should look at circles with numerals trying to remember them. Then the circles are covered with the red paint and the player is supposed to state them in the order of ascending sequence. The numerals can be different, not always starting from zero.  For example if you get numerals 4, 7, 3, 9, 5, you should tap the bubbles in the following order: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9.

Best Brain Age Test

   The first three levels are quite easy to be completed, but then, starting from the 4th one, you should memorize more and more. Usually troubles start at the 6th stage. If you get stuck on the 4-6level don’t get upset,  try it one more time and you will make better results. Don’t worry if your brain age results do not satisfy you. Just continue use the trainer and you will see marked improvement in a few days. That is the best thing about this application: great results in very short time.

You can have 3 attempts until the end of the game. After finishing the game you can post your results to the tournament table and see other results. The developers of the game even have a brilliant idea of setting a contest for the smartest country through the results of the Brain Age Test.

Great Brain Age Test

One more pleasant detail: the application is absolutely free. But if you want to avoid advertisements or get some nice bonuses (increase in trials’ quantity from 3 to 4 and increase in duration of numerals’ representation) you will be asked to install some programs.

Try playing the game in the morning and evening and compare the results. Try to stay calm and focused while completing the tasks.

Playing Brain Age Test Free is a good entertaining manner of spending your spare time improving your short-term and visual memory. Just 10 minutes a day spent on training with the help of this application will make your memory sharper. Wake up the genius in you without spending loads of time for boring exercises and hard work!