Coach memory! Brain trainer

Recent studies in neuroscience have shown that human brain can be trained in the same way like the muscle is.

Brain training games are created to make the process of improving your memory and other brain functions playful and easy.

Coach memory! Brain trainer is an application developing memory and cognitive functions. It is a personal brain trainer that will be interesting for people of all ages and categories, no matter of preferences. If you want to make good use of your spare time and improve reaction speed, attention, memory, this application is a perfect choice for you! The trainer is divided into five sections: memory, attention, speed, problem solving and brain flexibility. In “flexibility” section you are supposed to decide whether color name in the left window is the same with the real one in the right one. The color in the right window is reflected through color’s name and it is easy to mix it up with the real one. This task helps your brain be more flexible and quick and raise the speed of manipulations with information.

Great Coach Memory

   In “problem solving” part the player should decide whether the presented statement is true or false. It helps you to develop logical reasoning and open you hidden reserves. In “speed” section you are supposed to define if the following figure is the same with the previous one. This training scheme makes your cognitive processes faster and develops sharp reaction.

Coach Memory (1)

   “Attention” part presents two types of trainings: with coins or patterns. If you choose coins it will be necessary to remember their order numbers and then press on them in the order previously shown to you. If you choose patterns you will have to deal with numbers instead of coins and also put them into the right order. These trainings help you to develop your ability to focus and concentrate and improve your vision skills.

Coach Memory (2)

“Memory” section consists of three different tasks. In “Memory Matrix” you will deal with remembering the squares containing pictures inside. “Memory Matrix Classic” presents famous memory training where you are supposed to remember the painted squares. In the part with patterns you will work with numerals. All three parts are perfect for sharpening your memory.

Coach Memory (4)

   After finishing every training you have an option to share your results with your friends on Facebook  and Twitter. You can also save your result in the tournament table or check your progress in comparison with the previous results. Some things you are going to love about Coach memory: -instructions what to do under every sphere of knowledge skills; -5 points you will get for every successfully completed stage; – encouraging motivating messages you will receive in the case of failure; -interesting ideas where to use the new skills got with the help of this trainer. If you feel it’s time to shake up your mind and entertain yourself during the breaks with something   fun and useful, then Coach memory! Brain trainer is exactly what you need. Challenge yourself and keep your brain fit without much effort and expenditure of time!