Math Genius Brain Trainer

Math Genius Brain Trainer puts your brain in order.

It trains the most important mental skills, such as analytical, deductive, critical and prognostic. Also it improves abstract thinking and ability to concentrate, trains memory and increases the speed of thinking. That’s why brain training games based on mathematical exercises can contribute a lot to the development of your mind.

Math Genius Brain Trainer is a catching brain-teaser based on doing sums. This is an application able to improve your ability to focus, concentrate, memorize. It wakes up your mind through making you do mental arithmetic. Play it regularly and you will notice surprising improvements in your mental abilities. Human brain is able to upgrade its skills and this puzzle game is exactly what you need to refresh your mind and make it work.

Best Math Genius Brain Training

The rules are very simple. There is a big table consisting of small squares. Each square is painted in different bright colors and comprises a number. In the left lower corner you can see a brown square with a red number. You are supposed to collect the same sum of numbers that is written in the brown square from the numbers above. You should do it quickly as the time is limited. As soon as you complete the task next sum appears in the left corner. The amount of points you get depends on the amount of digits you combine to make the necessary sum. The more digits you use, the more points you get. Also, you should try to combine the digits placed in the squares painted with the same color.

There are four modes available: Easy, Normal, Hard and Free Play. In Settings you can choose whether to play with digits consisting of one or two symbols. Also you can customize music and vibration.

The game is easy and difficult in the same time. You should understand the instructions from the very beginning to fulfill the tasks successfully. The colorful design attracts attention and gives positive boost to the player.

Perfect Math Genius Brain Trainer

If you don’t consider yourself a quick thinker when it comes to math you should try this game and you will change your speed of thinking. It is also a perfect application for family entertainment as your kids will love playing it. You can teach your children how to solve simple math problems in quick and effective manner. This amazing brain-twister will be interesting for people fond of playing chess and checkers.

   Math Genius Brain Trainer is a perfect brain training game for people willing to improve their mental skills and entertain themselves in the same time. Try it on and feel your IQ rising with every click. But be careful: it’s totally addicting!