Memory Pattern !

“Memory Pattern !” is the latest brain training app on the market.

An easy win to help keep your memory in top shape is to play games that test your memory and give you opportunities to exercise your brain. Memory Pattern is a fun game that can help improve your memory and keep it in great shape. It’s a type of memory training activity that you may not have experienced before.

A pattern reminiscent of a lock pattern is presented to the player. The player tries to memorize the pattern and repeat it. Each leg of the pattern plays a different audible note that aids the player in recalling the pattern. As each level is successfully passed, the pattern becomes longer and longer. The pattern can be as long as 100 tiles even when restricted to a small 3 x 3 grid because it is allowed to loop back over itself. Game board sizes go as high as 4 x 6.

Memory Pattern

With 100 difficulty levels the game can be enjoyed by all ages. Easy levels can be found at difficulty levels under 20 and those near 100 are very difficult. What makes this game fun to play is the smooth user interface and quick reaction time. You continue to play because you’re having fun.

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When it’s this easy there’s really no excuse to not training your brain. Memory Pattern will surely become one of the best brain training apps. You can download this app for free and start making a difference in your memory performance with almost no effort. If for some reason you don’t like this one, there are many different types of games available that can help your memory. From the traditional “Simon Says” style game to a multitude of memory card games, you’re sure to find one that you like. No excuses.

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