Mind Games

As brain training games are getting more and more popular the variety of respective applications is becoming wider and wider.

If you are one of those people who want to have fun and develop mental abilities in the same time, Mind Games from Mindware Consulting is a perfect option!

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Mind Games is an application that contains a series of games created to improve cognitive skills. There are 19 games in it, all of them are aimed to improve brain work at any age. Playing at least once per day you will train your mind and get surprising results very soon. New generation of games makes the process of improving mental skills entertaining and absorbing.

The scouring system is designed so that you can see your scores in comparison with the scores of others. You can also check the graph of your progress to see your achievements and the time spent to get them. Analyzing gained results is an important part of moving to success and setting new goals.

You can find the following games in this application:

–               Attention Training Game. It is based on the Flanker task from cognitive psychology. A group of arrows appear on the screen and you are supposed to ignore all of them except the middle one and choose the direction it points. The task helps to develop processing speed skills;

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–               Face Memory Game. Here you should remember nine faces and recognize them in the list of faces shown to you afterwards. It increases the speed of visual memorizing;

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–               Memory Racer. You should rapidly decide if the present image is the same with the previous one. It sharpens your memory and raise processing speed;

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–               Vocabulary star. It contains a great variety of words and definitions. Playing this game regularly you will greatly improve your spelling and vocabulary;

–               Math Star. Based on easy arithmetic tasks this game is aimed to develop your ability to focus and be fast, paying attention to small details;

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–               Mental Categories. Here you need to choose the category which the picture belongs to. It trains ability to categorize fast and effectively;

–               Serial memory Game. 10 numbers and 10 items are presented to you. You are supposed to remember the sequence. It’s not easy from the first time, but several more trials will lead you to success. The game develops sequential memory.

Other games included in the application are: Spatial Memory Game, Memory Span, Mental Flex, Visual Memory Game, Serial Memory, Word Memory, Speed Trivia and others.

As you can see Mind Games application presents diverse brain training games for all tastes. All of them are created to develop different mental abilities. Playing all these games you will be able to improve all types of mental skills and keep your mind sound and fit.

Installing to your phone an application that presents a whole collection of mind games is a smart idea! Use them for exercising your brain every day and become the smartest one!