Super Brain

Information is one of the most important things in our life. We store information with the help of memory.

Retentive memory helps to succeed in life a lot as without it we cannot finish any task, even the most simple one.

   Super Brain is an application created to develop your memory in entertaining way. It is an excellent brain training game that will never leave you to have a tedious time and will train your memory and other mental skills in the same time. Its newest edition consists of four games: Memory training, Algorithm calculation, Observation and Arithmetic.

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   Memory training

The game takes only one minute. Here you are supposed to memorize the number presented on the screen for a short time. Afterwards you should recall it from your memory and print it. The numbers are complex and not easy for recalling. You get points for every guessed figure and bonuses for every completed number. To customize characteristics according to your preferences you can set 2 parameters: number of digits and latency on screen. You can send your best result to the global high score board or share it with your friends on facebook and other social networks. The game develops reaction speed, attention and short-term visual memory.

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   Algorithm calculation

It is a very useful game that wakes up your mind as it makes you do mental arithmetic. Four series of numbers and results of calculation for three of them are presented to you. You need to guess the steps of getting first three results and find the result for the fourth one. You can get from one level to another just after completing the previous one. There are four stages of difficulty in the game, each of them consists of 12 levels. Only the first stage with its 12 levels is available for free. To get all levels you should buy the paid version of the game.


The field with digits is presented to you and you should remember their positions. When your time is finished one of the digits disappears and your task is to recall it. The game consists of four stages of difficulty, each of them comprises 8 levels. First two stages are available for free, others can be found only in the paid version. The game sharpens your memory and develops ability to concentrate.

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Here you are supposed to solve exercises. There are three degrees of difficulty with unlimited number of levels in each. If your answer is incorrect the correct one will be shown to you. The game helps you to maintain good brain condition and develop focusing skills.

   Super Brain is an application that will surprise you with the variety of games and stages of difficulty. Try it once and you will hardly stop. Maintaining your memory in good condition with the help of boring exercises has become a thing of past – new brain training games are interesting and playful. The latest edition of Super Brain presents a big number of levels and stages and better graphics. Whether you choose free or paid version you will be pleased with the great materials they comprise.