10 Ways to a Perfectly Tuned Brain

1. Solve crosswords or Sudoku

Here we are looking to force the brain for any possible solutions and trying different ways of solving puzzles. A hearty workout for the whole brain network!

Sudoku brain training

2. View comedy shows or stand-up comedy
Humor is a great brain exercise and is based almost always on making new connections in the brain. A comedian’s main trick is to lead us down a familiar line, then do a cross-caste into something completely unexpected. We discover a new solution, a new way of thinking or an unexpected combination. We laugh, and enjoy the brain.

3. Read
When we read, we create pictures in the head all the time, which maintains the brain far more ready than when delivered via the TV.

4. Training with cross- motions
When we use these body movements we also the train the brain working. All movements when we cross the left and right sides are training up the cooperation between the two hemispheres. ( Think: touch the right knee with your left hand). Dancing, gymnastics and juggling often get into these movements.

5. All forms of exercise
Every form of training is good. It increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain and enhances the formation of new brain cells. It has also been shown to affect neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which controls our well being.

6. Play music, painting
Creative activities are excellent relaxation that allows the brain to develop.


7. Do things in new ways
Take a different route to work, read the newspaper upside down, or start reading it from the last page, try to do your tasks in a different order or in a completely different way.

8. Learn a new language
Or anything else that is new for you!

9. Eat good food
Fruit, vegetables and fish rich with omega 3 are especially good for the brain.

10. Sleep well and reduce stress
Stress and lack of sleep is the most common causes of poor memory and concentration difficulties. So give your brain the much needed rest!

sleep brain development