Brain Fitness

Everyone wants to look nice and attractive, that’s why many people visit fitness centers. But beauty consists not only of an outward appearance, it also includes the inward characteristics – sound mind is one of the most important ones. People should work to keep their brain sharp and fit as well as they work out to keep their body in a good shape.

Brain fitness is an ability of a man to satisfy cognitive demands of life: to learn and analyze information, to comprehend meanings and connections, to make corresponding conclusions and develop plans. This term is based on the hypothesis that as well as physical fitness can be improved by training the body, cognitive skills can be improved by training the brain. You can evaluate your brain fitness through the level of performance of cognitive skills: multitasking, concentration, memory, flexibility, processing speed skills, etc.

To prove the fact that our brain structure is plastic we should understand the process of the creation of new neurons called neurogenesis. If the brain cell is active it creates a huge number of connections with its neighboring neurons. One neuron is able to have up to thirty thousand connections. In such way it creates a strong interconnected activity throughout the brain. Neuron can be stimulated through gaining its own experience or receiving it from neighboring neurons connected with it. That is how the cell ensures its long existence. Both physical and mental exercises help neurogenesis to be successful and efficient.


The condition of your brain fitness greatly depends on your lifestyle:

–     Recreation – you should sleep not less than 8 hours a day and stick to healthy day regimen;

–     Food for thought – you need to provide your organism with good nutrition to make your brain being able to use all its hidden potential. Eat proper food and drink a lot as dehydration hampers brain’s work;

–     Physical exercises – physical training and fresh air positively influence brain’s activity and improve memory;

–     Mental exercises – make your brain think and process as much information as you can.
great brain fitness


The last clause is essential for understanding the importance of brain training. You can improve your brain fitness through doing brain-challenging activities. Recent researches show that brain stimulation can help to prevent the consequences of aging connected with brain activity: problems with memory, age-related cognitive decline and even Alzheimer’s. Being a 70 years man doesn’t mean you should be less mentally active than a 20-years old fellow. Your brain can work even better than it did in the times of your youth, it’s all about exercising it regularly to maintain your brain fitness on a high level.

Of course you shouldn’t wait for first signs of brain aging to start working on its condition – start doing it now and you will see how much brain fitness influences our life and in what way brain training can help you to change your life for better!