How To Increase Your Brain Power?

The theory of brain lateralization separates human brain in two so-called cerebral hemispheres: left and right. Each of these hemispheres deals with different brain functions. Every person thinks and acts under a dominant influence of only one of these sides of the brain but those who are looking to improve their brain power. should train the both sides.

The detailed scientific research of brain hemispheres began some thirty years ago and this is a medical field that still has to be explored. So far, the scientists were able to determine that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. Another interesting fact is that people who are good at math have relatively equally developed brain hemispheres.

According to the theory of brain lateralization the right side of the brain is very important when it comes to creative and expressive thinking. Cognitive functions such as face recognition, expression of emotions, creativity, intuition, imagination and image processing are usually linked with the right side of the brain.

The left side of the brain is processing different tasks that are linked with analytical thinking and logic. This means that this side of the brain is responsible for language skills, logic, numbers, analysis, rationality, reasoning etc.

Keep in mind that these descriptions are simplified and most people have various combinations and derivates of these characteristics. Brain lateralization is completely natural but it can cause problems if a person uses only one side of the brain and that’s why we need to develop the cognitive functions that are located on the side of the brain that we usually don’t use that much.

develop your brain power

Brain training is really important when it comes to brain lateralization.  By practicing certain brain exercises you will be able to keep both sides of the brain in a perfect shape. The balance and coordination of both hemispheres can provide much better and more productive life for every human being.

Learning new skills, exploring new activities and languages can optimize the functions of the left hemisphere. In this way you can increase way you can improve your brain power. in a very short period – play Sudoku, solve crosswords, mathematical and logical games etc.

People often suppress their creativity which can negatively affect the right side of the brain. Singing, practicing some instrument, painting …all these activities that can help the right side of your brain and they can also be a great new hobby too.

Brain lateralization helps us understand our capabilities and helps us find the right exercises that can improve our brain power.