Lateralization Of Brain Function

It is a well-known fact that our brain consists of two parts: right hemisphere and left hemisphere. This is also called a brain lateralization.

Both of them ensure single functioning of an organism, but each of them controls opposite sides of human body. Every hemisphere provides its own functions and has its specialization.

Left part of a human brain is responsible for logic operations, calculations and math. Right part is responsible for spatial abilities, face recognition, creativity and imagination. Right hemisphere process facts and details incoming from the left one and build them into united picture. Left brain tends to analysis, logical sequence, details and cause-and-effect relations. Right brain accomplishes space-orientation perception of integral picture, fixes images and emotions of human faces.

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In normal situation two hemispheres are connected and work together. But there is a common knowledge that people can be right-brained or left-brained, depending on the part of their brain that works better. The luckiest ones are those who have both of the hemispheres working in a harmonious way. Those people use the resources of their brain effectively. 

The hemisphere that is dominant has an impact on your personality. Usually left-brained people are interested in science. Right-brained people tend to work in art or other fields connected with figurative decisions. Overwhelming majority of great authors – composers, writers, poets, musicians, artists – are right-brained persons.

If you are willing to make your brain work better and fulfill its potential you may be interested in the ways how to make different parts of your brain work properly. There are several of methods you can use to reach your goal and improve the brain lateralization.

The simplest way is to increase total amount of work that the hemisphere is responsible for. For example to develop left brain responsible for logic you should solve mathematical problems, do crossword puzzles, etc. This is a real left brain workout. To develop right brain responsible for imagination you should visit art exhibitions, read literature and so on.  Start visiting courses of visual arts and develop new abilities that will strengthen and increase the activity of right part of the brain and the visual information processing center. Permanent training will help you to learn how to make both of the hemispheres work efficiently.

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Another method is to use the side of the body controlled by the hemisphere maximally. For the development of right brain you should work with the left side and vice-versa. For example you can draw with the respective hand, hop on one leg or juggle with one hand. By writing or drawing with your non-dominant hand you can help your right brain work more actively and increase the level of creativity.

Some of the recent researches have shown that clenching your right hand activates your left hemisphere and may help form a stronger memory of an event or action while clenching your left hand activates you right hemisphere and may help you recollect the memory later.

Brain can be compared with a muscle that needs training to stay strong and fit. Being left- or right-brained doesn’t mean you cannot work on your skills. Use different methods and exercises aimed to develop the well-balanced work of your brain. Regular brain training will let you use all the undisclosed reserves in your head! That’s the beauty of the brain lateralization development techniques.