Why Brain Training Should Be Entertaining

Whether it comes to body fitness or brain fitness the key point for succeeding is strong motivation.

Recent researches have shown that when we set short-term goals our brain release big bursts of dopamine that is essential for motivation. That’s why it is easy to get motivated for some short-time goal. When we set long-term goals our brain releases small amounts of dopamine in the beginning though gives bursts of it when we get closer to the goal. That explains why it’s harder to get motivated for long-term goal.  One of the best sources of dopamine available for everyone is fun.

That is why we prefer joining some aerobics classes to doing aerobics at home. Staying at home and doing the same set of exercises does the same job but it is quite boring. Signing up for some classes makes the same routine much more interesting and fun and that is exactly the thing that makes us do this routine regularly. While every time you promise to yourself to make training at home and gain the same results, your enthusiasm disappears very soon and every trial falls very fast.

Entertaining brain training

With brain training everything goes in the same way. To keep you motivated to exercise regularly brain training should be fun and interesting. By entertaining you it makes you more interested. That is why brain training conducted in the form of game is a brilliant idea. Playing games able to develop your mental skills is a process that brings you pleasure and great benefit in the same time. Beliefs that games are created only for kids and are a waste of time have gone to the past. Now we know that an old man playing games benefits a lot. It’s all about the kind of games he plays. By playing brain training games he can refresh his brain and make it work like it worked when he was a youngster.

Brain training games should be perfectly balanced in entertainment and practical benefit they provide. An ideal brain training game should be fun enough to motivate the player to continue playing it and effective enough to bring visible results. If the first condition isn’t completed the game will be too tedious. If the second one is missed the game will become a waste of time.

One more useful entertaining method is the possibility of playing the game in the form of tournament, for example competing with other players online. You would rather prefer jogging with your friend when you have opportunity to compete whose stamina is better than doing it alone. With brain training games the scheme is the same: having an opportunity to rival and compare your results with others’ gives you additional motivation to play the game regularly and achieve higher results.

Brain training fun

Also such games should have an option of regulation a level of difficulty to remain challenging and constantly improve the player’s skills.

Brain training games present a perfect combination of challenge and fun and that is the reason why they are becoming more and more popular. The process of developing your mental skills should not necessarily be boring – use the games properly and see how much entertaining this process can be!